Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS) provides effective and sustainable solutions to major environmental challenges; which conserve and protect resources, with deployment of renewable energy being a priority wherever possible. Our ethos is maximum safety, resource recovery, and minimum waste disposal to the environment.

The company was founded to provide a vital service in the recycling and environmentally responsible disposal of hazardous and complex waste, including toxic hydrocarbon waste, in an area requiring high technological capability. Through our integrated services platform, we serve our customers in a holistic manner, covering their maintenance and environmental value chain in a seamless manner, thus making us one of the Kingdom’s largest one-stop shop solutions provider.

GEMS is today part of a global group of companies dedicated towards preservation, protection, restoration and sustainability of the environment.

Saad Al-Saif



Founded in 2009, Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS) has grown to become the market leading provider of integrated waste management services, industrial and engineering services, recycling and by-product processing, logistics and transportation management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Aligned with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives, including safeguarding the environment and natural resources, we at GEMS are committed to fulfilling our ambitious expansion plans in the Kingdom and creating long-term value for our stakeholders.

Our strong and experienced management and highly qualified team of scientists, engineers and business professionals is complemented by global access to research and engineering centers of excellence.

For our customers, we are committed to delivering excellence with the latest technology and innovation in the industry combined with sustainable and integrated systems that comply with the best international standards.

Hanif “Wally” Dahya



As a socially responsible company GEMS also aims to contribute in the following areas:

Local employment opportunities
Investment in educational programs geared towards technology and responsible environmental management.
Implementation of training programs for young people aspiring towards a career in environmental management
Research, development and consultancy activities to help solve challenges that are being currently faced by the industrial complexes in Saudi Arabia, facilitating energy and environmental conservation.

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