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GEMS Environment is an innovation-driven environmental and engineering services company.
We provide an integrated service-offering to the industrial, municipal and public sectors.


We are a Saudi Arabian company providing an integrated services platform of technology, systems, products and services to the industrial and public sectors in the areas of engineering services, industrial infrastructure construction, industrial maintenance/turn around and cleaning, hazardous materials management, transport and logistics, waste management and recycle, municipal waste management, and conversion of waste to energy.


With a strong technological foundation, based on invention and innovation, our global centers of excellence provide best available technology and services to our clients, supported by robust expertise and a highly competent and quality-driven human resource base, enabling our clients to achieve growth and sustainability throughout their value chain.

GEMS, a global solution

We cover a full spectrum of industries including oil and petrochemicals, chemicals, power and utilities, food processing, agricultural, pharmaceutical to name a few. In addition, we also cater to public sector infrastructure including shipping ports, air ports, civil defense, and municipalities.


Our goal is to maximize sustainability through efficient use and recycle of water and energy resources, underpinned by a strong ethos of environmental health and safety.

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